President's Cancer Panel

Promoting Value, Affordability, and Innovation in Cancer Drug Treatment


Part 2:

Taking Action to Promote Value, Affordability, and Innovation in Cancer Drug Treatment

Cancer drug prices should be aligned with their value. High-value drugs that cure cancer, significantly extend survival, and/or substantially improve quality of life should be priced higher than drugs that provide only modest benefits. In addition to ensuring the best possible returns on healthcare spending, paying for cancer drugs based on value will incentivize future transformative innovation.1 In this report, the President’s Cancer Panel recommends several steps to promote value-based pricing and use of drugs, ensure patients’ affordable access to high-value drugs, and promote future innovation (Figure 4). While the focus of this report is on drug costs and access, the Panel recognizes that rising cancer care costs overall also are a serious concern.2 Efforts to address cancer drug costs should be undertaken with consideration of the total cost of cancer care.

Figure 4

President's Cancer Panel Recommendations

This infographic provides a high-level summary of the six Panel recommendations: promote value-based pricing and use; enable communication about treatment options and costs; minimize contributions of drug costs to financial toxicity; stimulate generic and biosimilar market competition; ensure adequate resources for FDA; and invest in biomedical research.


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