President’s Cancer Panel Issues Report on National Cancer Plan Progress

PCP Report on National Cancer Plan

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On February 28, 2024, the President’s Cancer Panel (the Panel) published its inaugural report to the President on the National Cancer Plan (the Plan). The Plan, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with leadership from then National Cancer Institute Director Dr. Monica Bertagnolli, was released in April 2023 to help guide the nation’s efforts against cancer. Dr. Bertagnolli charged the Panel with monitoring progress on the Plan.

The Panel convened its first stakeholder meeting in September 2023 to begin the assessment process. At this meeting, the cancer community, including research institutions, professional associations, nonprofit organizations, and health systems came together to share its progress toward the Plan’s eight goals, identify barriers, and propose potential solutions. The Panel also welcomed input from everyone in the cancer community before, during, and after the meeting via social media and email.

Through this initial assessment, Panel members learned about remarkable achievements from across the National Cancer Program and were inspired by the dedication, productivity, and leadership of the stakeholders who provided information. Stakeholders also reported challenges as well as concrete opportunities to accelerate progress toward the National Cancer Plan goals and achieve President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot goal of reducing cancer deaths by 50% in 25 years (by 2047).

The Panel identified five areas of priority—Investment in Research, Insurance Coverage, Community Engagement, Workforce, and Data Sharing and Integration—that encompass key challenges and opportunities for the National Cancer Program. These priority areas are united by the ultimate goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for all patients by ensuring that every person in the United States has equitable access to the best possible resources and care for cancer risk reduction, detection, and treatment.

The Panel’s first report on the National Cancer Plan progress, along with a summary of the 2023 stakeholder meeting, can be found on the President’s Cancer Panel website. The Panel looks forward to continuing to monitor activities related to the Plan in 2024 and beyond.