About the President's Cancer Panel

The President's Cancer Panel monitors the activities of the National Cancer Program and reports to the President of the United States on barriers to progress in reducing the burden of cancer.

The Panel accomplishes its mission by identifying high-priority topics for which actionable recommendations can be made, convening meetings with key experts and stakeholders to develop an understanding of the problems, challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions and then framing possible recommendations, including actions that should be taken by relevant organizations. Following substantial input, the Panel submits a report to the President of the United States.

The Panel communicates its findings using a variety of tools—including print and web-based reports, social media, and presentations to a range of organizations. While reports are to the President, they are also for the larger group of stakeholders, public and private, that form the National Cancer Program as well as other partner organizations. Together, these organizations and others can make a positive difference in accelerating progress against cancer.

Government, Healthcare Providers, Individuals